Reshaping Lives

An exhibition of paintings and poetry produced by refugees and victims of torture who have taken part in the arts programme: Space between the Lines. This is a travelling exhibition of extraordinary beauty, with only some of the remarkable colourful paintings, spoken examples of their poems and heart-stopping stories.

In a lecture, Mary-Anne Paterson will describe her 7 year, colour expression and poetry programme, exhibited in many other venues, including Cambridge and Canterbury Universities. Some of this work permanently exhibited at the Royal Brompton Hospital, London.


Selfportrait, Iran
Prints and postcards are for sale
All proceeds go to the Medical Foundation
for the Care of Victims of Torture.
Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture

Creating a New World, Angola

'The Space between the Lines'

At Bows Art Centre, Mary-Anne Paterson has been working, in various media - painting, music and creative writing - with refugees and victims of torture. This programme has been helping young people from some twelve countries around the world to come to terms with their past and conceive of a future of hope.

Supported for four years by the Princess Diana Fund, the Family Welfare Association and the Arts Council, England and presently supported by Bows Art Association and private donations.

Mary-Anne graduated in and went to teach drama in Edinburgh. She subsequently trained in art therapy and worked for 7 years at the Raphael Medical Centre Kent. For the past 8 years she has been director of the Bows Art Centre. Her passion is for giving voice to the plight of young people in vulnerable life situations.


Upcoming Events & Venues:

Faith & Asylum
20th June 09 @ Civic Hall, Crawley

A joint event, celebrating refugee wee. It willinclude a talk by Mary-Anne Paterson on the programme "The Space between the Lines".

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Dancing Figures, Sierra Leone

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Past Venues:

10 Feb 09 @ Rudolf Steiner House, London

8 Oct 08 @ Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

10 - 30 Sep 08 @ Trading Boundaries, Global Village, East Sussex

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